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Helping Suffolk County
Better health care, lower taxes and aid for our most vulnerable

Keeping quality health care affordable
Many Long Islanders already spend too much of their hard-earned money on out-of-pocket health expenses. That’s why Assemblyman Ramos has been working to keep health care costs from spiraling out of control by:

  • Blocking the governor’s fee increases to the EPIC program
  • Rejecting a "sick tax" on hospitals and other health care providers
  • Restoring $5.9 million to our community’s hospitals and nursing homes
  • Helping support a bill to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drug costs by not allowing co-payments to exceed the cost of the drug (A.6851)

Cutting taxes
Assemblyman Ramos sponsored a law that makes more seniors eligible for the "Over 65" property tax exemption by increasing the income threshold from $21,500 to $24,000 (Ch. 512 of 2003). He also:

  • Sponsored a bill to enhance the state’s Circuit Breaker program by increasing the maximum benefits to $750 and raising the income limit from $18,000 to $100,000 for eligible homeowners (A.11704)
  • Helped pass a law that increases income eligibility for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption program from $20,000 to $24,000 (Ch. 382 of 2003)
  • Authored legislation that excludes Social Security income from the calculation for eligibility in the SCRIE program (A.8473)
  • Helped raise income eligibility for enhanced STAR – providing an average savings of $1,420 a year for Suffolk County homeowners 65 and over with incomes up to $63,750

Fighting for veterans’ rights
Assemblyman Ramos is working to provide veterans with the benefits and assistance they need by fighting for legislation that:

  • Makes more seriously disabled veterans eligible for full property tax exemptions (A.5834)
  • Allows veterans to benefit from property tax exemptions from the date they purchase a property rather than waiting until the next tax roll (A.1974)
  • Prorates a veteran’s exemption when the veteran moves within the same municipality (A.952)
  • Extends the law that allows people who served in Indochina from December 22, 1961 through May 7, 1975 and were injured by exposure to chemical herbicides to take legal action (Ch. 68 of 2004)

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Philip Ramos

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