Assemblyman Ramos: Final Education Budget Supports Local Schools

"Facing a tremendous fiscal crisis, my colleagues and I in the Assembly ensured schools would have the resources they need to continue providing a quality education to our children," said Assemblyman Philip Ramos. "By asking a little more from the wealthiest among us, along with federal stimulus funds, we were able to continue our commitment to education in Suffolk County."

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) explained local schools in his district will receive increases in state education aid in this year's final budget. Local schools faced a loss of over $31 million from the proposed budget back in December. Ramos announced the funding cut has been eliminated and local schools should expect an increase of more than $10 million over last year.

Aid Bay Shore Brentwood Central Islip Islip
09 Proposed aid $33 million $193 million $80 million $16 million
09 Final aid $41 million $214 million $89 million $20 million
Increase 24% 11% 11% 27%
Federal stimulus Almost $1 million Over $3 million Over $1 million $410,000

Ramos continued that school districts and taxpayers will see additional relief because the state will send over $17 million in High Tax Aid to local schools, the preschool special education cost shift was rejected, funding for universal pre-kindergarten was maintained and the hold on transportation, BOCES and building aid funding was lifted. Federal stimulus funding will also allow schools to preserve programs to help the more disadvantaged children meet the state's academic standards and early intervention, special education and related services can continue to be provided to children with disabilities.

"The federal stimulus money Congressman Israel helped secure for us was invaluable," said Assemblyman Ramos. "Especially in today's tough economic climate, education is even more important and it's our responsibility to ensure schools have what they need to make sure children have the resources to succeed after high school and beyond."