Phil Ramos:
Together, we can make a difference.

We’re working to rid our streets of graffiti, one corner at a time.
Assemblyman Ramos secured $40,000 for the 6th Assembly District Graffiti Removal Campaign, administered by the Long Island Urban League. The program is already delivering results.

“Thanks to Phil Ramos and his graffiti-removal efforts, I now have a spotless storefront that welcomes customers, not more spray paint.”
– Marie Molesso, owner of JJ Gear

“We noticed graffiti on the church where my daughter’s wedding was going to take place. With the help of Phil Ramos’ graffiti-removal program, the church was cleaned and we had a beautiful ceremony.”

– Gladybell Rivera, Brentwood resident

Stamping out gang activity

Assemblyman Ramos is working to eradicate gangs and gang violence by sponsoring legislation that would:
Keeping our kids off the streets

In his efforts to keep our children safe and give them healthy alternatives after school, Assemblyman Phil Ramos has secured funding for:

“Our neighborhoods aren’t some open canvas for delinquents to deface. The community has spoken and our message is clear: enough is enough.”
– Assemblyman Philip Ramos