A Special Message on Medicaid Reform

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Fitzpatrick is fighting to reform Medicaid and control runaway property taxes. His plan would ensure Medicaid operates more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s How:

Emergency Medicaid Relief: Provide emergency relief to counties through a $200 million Emergency Medicaid Relief Program that should be part of the new state budget. These funds, to be distributed to counties outside New York City, could be used to reverse tax hikes and restore cuts in services.

Five-Year State Medicaid Takeover: Real relief for local taxpayers must include a gradual state takeover of the local share of Medicaid costs. Michael Fitzpatrick believes our state has an obligation to cover costs for programs it mandates, like Medicaid.

Fight Medicaid Fraud: Medicaid fraud costs state and local governments hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This proposal would create a “bounty,” or reward, for counties that aggressively seek out fraud. Recovered funds, equal to the state and local shares, would go toward the county’s tax relief or general fund.

Restructure the Medicaid System: New York spends more than $41 billion on Medicaid, more than any other state - and more than California and Texas combined! We must consider potential cost-saving measures, including initiatives in the areas of pharmaceuticals, long-term care reforms and efficiencies in Medicaid services.

Michael Fitzpatrick knows that in
order to reduce property taxes, we must control
Albany’s runaway
Medicaid mandates.

His Medicaid reform plan would make this a reality.

Contact Michael Fitzpatrick
Suite 202, 50 Route 111
Smithtown, NY 11787
(631) 724-2929

Michael Fitzpatrick – Working to reform Medicaid. Working for us!