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Know how to protect your family from SEX OFFENDERS!

According to the Sex Offender Registry, as of April 10, there were 1,237 convicted sexual predators living in our communities

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Dear Neighbor,

As your assemblyman, I have sponsored and supported legislation that installs safeguards to protect society from sexual predators. Gov. George E. Pataki in January signed legislation that expands and strengthens New York’s Megan’s Law by lengthening the time sex offenders remain on the state Sex Offender Registry.

The next step is enactment of a civil confinement policy allowing judges to order the most dangerous sexual predators held in secure mental-health facilities following their incarceration if they are deemed continuing threats to society.

The reality of these stronger laws is that the courts and law enforcement deal with the criminals after they have committed their heinous crimes. What you need to know is how to protect your loved ones from becoming victims. Inside is information that may help you and your family avoid becoming victims.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Fitzpatrick
Member of Assembly

Assemblyman Fitzpatrick

photo Assemblyman Fitzpatrick discusses the state’s Sex Offender Registry and civil confinement with the father and grandparents of Carlie Brucia, an 11-year-old girl who was abducted and murdered by a released sex offender in Florida. The assemblyman talked with the family to better understand and appreciate the need for stronger, more comprehensive laws to protect children from sexual predators.
Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry can identify registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood. Visit the state Division of Criminal Justice Services’ Web site at or call toll-free (800) 262-3257 for more information on:

  • Searching the Level 3 subdirectory
  • Sex offender statistics
  • Legal issues
  • Offender responsibilities
  • National registry search

"The tragic abduction and death of Carlie Brucia, the emotional devastation her family has endured, is an event no family should have to experience."

- Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

Protection from online criminals

Computers and the Internet are wonderful tools that open the door to a wealth of information. But with technological advancements come advancements in crime. Parents and Internet users must be aware that children are able to access the world - and the world can access children.

Authorities nationwide are aware that pedophiles and criminals use the Internet to engage children and adolescents in sexually oriented conversations and lure them to meet without their parents’ knowledge.

These Web sites provide useful information to protect families from online predators and criminals:

Receive a free copy of these informative brochures

"Crime Watch"

"Domestic Violence and Stalking: Know the Laws that Protect You"

"Child Emergency ID Kit"

"Playing it Safe: Safety Tips for you and your Children"

"Protecting your Children from Online Criminals: A Parents“ Guide for Computer Safety"

"Safety Tips for Seniors"

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