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Seven things you need to know about your property tax rebate check

Michael Fitzpatrick wants to make sure you get your property tax rebate check.

1. What is the Middle Class STAR Rebate Program?
It’s a new program that provides direct property tax relief to homeowners by sending them a State rebate check for a portion of their school taxes.

Seven things you need to know about your property tax rebate check

2. Who is eligible for the rebate?
The rebate is provided to all homeowners currently enrolled in the STAR program with household incomes less than $250,000.

3. How do I obtain my rebate?
If you are already in the Enhanced STAR program, your rebate check will be automatically mailed to you. If you are in the Basic STAR program, the state Department of Taxation and Finance will notify you of the application process.

4. What do I do once I’m notified?
Fill out the application and mail it back. You can also apply on-line at the department’s Web site located at: Qualifying homeowners have until November 30, 2007 to apply for their rebate.

5. What will be required on the application?
Homeowners will need to submit to Taxation and Finance the affiliated income for each parcel. Affiliated income includes a combined income of all owners of the property and their spouses. They will tell you what documentation is needed to verify your income.

6. When will I receive my rebate and how much will I get?
Taxation and Finance intends to send out rebate checks on a rolling basis based on the dates applications are received. Rebates will vary depending upon your exemption, income and the school district in which you reside.

7. What if I have more questions?
Call the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance at 1-877-678-2769 or visit their Website at

How do Seniors Receive their Rebate Check?

photo Enhanced STAR recipients need not apply to receive their Middle Class STAR Rebate Check, since they already verify their income as an Enhanced STAR recipient. Therefore, an automatic Rebate Check will be mailed to these homeowners.
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How do I sign up for the STAR program?
Assemblyman Fitzpatrick
If you own property and it is your primary residence, you are probably eligible for a STAR school property tax exemption. To get your exemption, contact your local assessor.
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"Out of control property taxes have forced senior citizens out of their homes and ended many young adults’ dreams of homeownership. Until we are able to restructure our broken property tax system, the STAR program is the best short-term approach to alleviate high property taxes. I encourage all Long Island homeowners to apply for their rebate check."
- Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick