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Join Assemblyman Fitzpatrick in his Fight to Cap Property Taxes
High property taxes have forced 1.2 million New Yorkers to flee our state. Can we afford to allow special interests to stand in the way of meaningful property tax relief?

The Middle Class Squeeze

High property taxes have eroded our competitive business edge, forced residents from their homes and led 1.2 million New Yorkers to leave our state since 2000. All the while, special interest groups continue to increase their coffers and stand in the way of real property tax reform.

Since his election to the Assembly in 2002, Assemblyman Fitzpatrick has stood up for taxpayers and been the State Legislature’s strongest advocate for meaningful property tax relief. That’s why Fitzpatrick has introduced the Property Taxpayers Protection Act to cap property taxes, eliminate unfunded mandates and provide taxpayers with the relief they need to attain financial prosperity.

The Property Taxpayers Protection Act
  • CAP PROPERTY TAXES to save homeowners $1.5 billion this year;

  • REIMBURSE SCHOOL DISTRICTS for the entire costs incurred from 4th and 8th grade math and English tests to save school districts $30 million this year and reduce the need to raise taxes;

  • ELIMINATE UNFUNDED MANDATES that force local cities, towns and schools to increase your property taxes to finance costly state programs;

  • DECREASE COUNTY MEDICAID COSTS by requiring the state, not local governments, to pay for the cost of non-essential medical services and save taxpayers $10 billion within 5 years; and

  • COMBAT MEDICAID FRAUD by providing local governments with computer software to investigate and save taxpayers $7.5 million this year.

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