Ra Attends 2012 Model UN Kickoff In Elmont

Assemblyman Ra and Legislator Solages attend the 2012 Model United Nations Kickoff at Dutch Broadway School.

Assemblyman Ed Ra (21st Assembly District) yesterday stopped by Dutch Broadway School for the Model United Nations Program International Ambassadors Reception. There was a Model United Nations Conference Power Point presentation, which was a big hit with students, and a chance for these future leaders to introduce themselves and give a firsthand account of how the Model United Nations Program has impacted their lives. Students spoke of the invaluable public speaking, debate, conflict resolution and problem solving skills gained through the program.

Assemblyman Ra speaks to the leaders of tomorrow at the 2012 Model United Nations kickoff at Dutch Broadway School.

"It was great to see so many future doctors, nurses, educators and global leaders at the kickoff of this year's Model United Nations Conference," said Ra. "By discussing issues in the Model United Nations today, these young adults will be prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow. I was honored to attend today's event because these types of programs are important for the understanding of and support for the ideals and work of the United Nations among the American people."

Assemblyman Ra and Model United Nations founder Lee Marcus help kickoff the 2012 conference at Dutch Broadway School.

Ra noted that this year students will research and prepare resolutions on the issues of gender equality and education, leading up to the Model United Nations Conference this spring in which they will debate as their assigned countries.