Assemblyman Colton Presents New York State Assembly HERO Citations to Brooklyn's Bravest

photo Pictured are Assemblyman William Colton next to Fire Company 245's Lt. Michael J. Minogue (far right) and to the Assemblyman's right are Firefighters: Brandach J. Walsch, Micael Moughrabic, Nicolas `Baratta, Timothy G. O' Connor and Ladder Company 161 John Scanlon. The presentations were made at the Firehouse at 2929 West 8th Street in Coney Island.

Fire Company #245's firemen that responded to the November 16th blaze that destroyed the home of a desperate and courageous mom, Nabila Nazli, who dropped four of her children - including her 4-week-old twins - from a second-story window onto a blanket below being held by desperate neighbors. With her 4-year-old daughter Shamail still trapped inside with her in the top floor Bensonhurst apartment, Nabila Nazli received serious burns on her body trying to shield her helpless daughter until firefighters burst into the burning room and pulled both to safety.

Assemblyman Colton was so impressed at the heroics of all involved that he had presented HERO citations to the neighbors involved as well as the firefighters that came to the rescue. Recently the other firefighters from the 2 engine companies and 2 ladder companies were finally awarded their HERO citations.

"Here in New York City, the word firefighter is synonymous with the word hero. In these New York State Assembly HERO citations, our Brooklyn's Bravest receive the thanks, gratitude and accolades they so justly deserve for always being HEROES," stated Assemblyman Colton

photo Assemblyman Colton poses with the some of the Heroes from Engine Company #246 and Ladder Company #169 at their Firehouse at 2732 East 11th Street.

Assemblyman Colten presented Assembly HERO citations to Lt. Joseph Farrel (Bet-21), Firefighters: Brian Cutrona, Robert Scheer, Mathew Fopeano, Matthew Slica, Robert Seward, Lt. Steven Campanella, Firefighters: John Carlson, Michael Colgan, James Molinell, Michael Aruta, Lt. Richard Egstein, Firefighters: Michael Satriana, Grant Ready, Salvatore Antignanp and Justin Desfosse.