How My Community Office
Can Work for You
Mi Oficina de la Comunidad
Trabaja para Usted

Este noticiario está disponible en español.
December 2017

Assembly Member
Richard N.

Dear Neighbor:

Wishing you happy and health holidays!

As your Assembly Member, my job is not just in Albany. One of my most important jobs is helping solve problems for people in our community.

This Newsletter will help you get to know how my Community Office staff and I can work for you.

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on legislative issues and community problems.

I work for you full-time, year-round, in Albany and in the neighborhood. I am a lawyer, but I do not maintain a private practice. I don’t work as a consultant or run a business on the side. My only job is working for you.

My Community Office at 214 West 29th Street, Suite 1002, 212-807-7900, – is here to serve you.

If you are having a problem with a government agency, your landlord, a utility, etc., or if your block association or other group needs my help or would like me to come to a meeting, or if there is any other way I can help, please call or e-mail.

Richard N. Gottfried
Assembly Member

Ayuda en español

Mi oficina de la communidad está ubicada en 214 West 29th Street, Suite 1002, 212-807-7900,, y está aquí para servirle. Varios de mis empleados hablan español. Si usted está teniendo problemas con su casero, alguna agencia del gobierno, Con Edison, servicios públicos, etc., podemos ayudarlo. Llámenos al 212-807-7900. Mi oficina está abierta de lunes a jueves.

How My Community Office
Can Help You

My Community Office is open year-round, helping thousands of our neighbors.

I have found that many people are not aware of how their State Assembly Member can work for them and the community.

Much of the work done by my staff and me is helping people with problems with their landlord, Con Ed, phone or cable services, health coverage, or a government agency such as Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, NYCHA, or the City or State tax agencies.

We help people fill out forms and apply for EPIC, Medicaid, the earned-income tax credit, food stamps, Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemptions (SCRIE) or Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE), and other important benefits.

We also work with block associations and other community groups that need help with Federal, State or City government, including issues such as zoning, development, traffic, police protection, rowdy bars, sanitation, schools, and landmark preservation.

Typical housing problems include rent overcharges, lack of services or repairs, and co-op or condo conversions. We organize tenant associations. If you need a free or low-cost tenant lawyer, we can help you find one.

My Community Office is at 214 West 29th Street, Suite 1002, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. It is open for appointments Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Appointments are requested and we have staff who speak Spanish fluently. Contact info: 212-807-7900,

Fighting For Traffic Safety – In June, I spoke at a City Hall press conference supporting State legislation allowing New York City to install more speed cameras in school zones. Data shows that pedestrian, motorist, and passenger injuries and fatalities decline in neighborhoods after speed cameras are installed.

Getting Results

Here are a few examples of how my office has won results for people in our area.

My Work In Albany

I represent you in the State Assembly, one of the two houses of the State Legislature in Albany. I work for more affordable housing and strong tenant protection and rent laws; protecting reproductive choice; human rights (including LGBT, people with disabilities, and women’s rights) and civil liberties; government reform; fair taxes based on ability to pay; environmental protection; and aid for schools and mass transit.

I chair the Assembly Health Committee. I work on Medicaid reform, long-term care, protecting access to health care and affordable health coverage, services for people with HIV/AIDS, and a host of other health issues. I sponsor a bill to create a state universal single-payer plan called “NY Health.” I sponsored the law that allows medical use of marijuana.

I was the original Assembly sponsor of the bill to recognize same-sex marriage, and I sponsor the bill to outlaw discrimination against transgender people.

Hearing On Home Care – In February, I co-chaired an Assembly hearing in Manhattan on the obstacles to adequate home care for the elderly and people with disabilities, and the needs of New York’s home care workforce.

Neighborhood Issues

My staff and I work with a variety of community and civic groups on neighborhood issues.

We don’t always win. But when neighborhood groups work closely with their local elected representatives, the community is much more likely to get the results it wants.

Some late-night bars or clubs make life a nightmare for area residents. We can work with the police and the State Liquor Authority to help make the place clean up its act.

We work for sensible planning to stop developers and city or state agencies who want to develop excessively large buildings.

We advocate for landmark preservation and fight to stop building owners who seek to destroy landmark buildings or undermine “historic district” protections.

We’ve led the long fight to create and protect the Hudson River Park. I wrote the State law that created the Park, protects the River, and preserves public access.

We work with the city to crack down on illegal hotels. I wrote the State law that makes it easier to prosecute landlords who run illegal hotels.

Tax Relief For Small Businesses – Earlier this year, I joined Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Councilmember Dan Garodnick, and business and community leaders at a press conference in the Flatiron District to call for the elimination of the Commercial Rent Tax on thousands of small businesses in Manhattan, a struggle we finally won in November.

2018 NYC Parking Calendars Are Available. Plan ahead so you don’t get a ticket. Learn what days parking meters and alternate side parking are suspended. Please call or email my office if you would like a hard copy mailed to you or a PDF sent by email.