Assemblyman Will Barclay
124th Assembly District Camillus Community Update

Listening to You...

Since first being elected to office, I have always enjoyed meeting with constituents on a regular basis. These meetings keep me informed on the issues important to you and allow me to let you know what I am working on in Albany. On June 2, I held a town hall meeting in Camillus.

photo Assemblyman Barclay speaks with constituents at a town meeting.
For me the message was clear - we must reform how we conduct business in Albany. We need to improve transparency in state government and move away from "three men in a room." I will continue to work for reform that will improve the Assembly Committee structure, allow legislation with widespread support to make it to the floor and shift more power to rank and file members. We have had victories in the past and I will continue to fight for further reform.

Another big issue discussed at the meeting was property taxes. High property taxes are the number one complaint of my constituents. It is clear that we need to address this growing problem further. This year, I was pleased that the state legislature was able to provide record school aid while doubling the STAR Rebate program. While I know that this is not a permanent fix, it is a start to providing relief to taxpayers.

Lastly, this meeting was an opportunity for constituents to use my office to obtain assistance in cutting through the red tape that accompanies the bureaucracy of government. Several attendees required assistance with government agencies or needed information on legislation and my office was able to directly provide the necessary help. I’m proud that my office provides excellent constituent services and welcome you to contact us if we can be of assistance.

I would like to thank those individuals who made it to my meeting. If you were unable to attend, but need assistance with a state-related matter, please feel free to contact my office.

200 North Second Street • Fulton, NY 13069
• (315) 598-5185

Barclay Delivers Record School Aid Increase!

photo Assemblyman Barclay reads to a classroom of students.
The state budget battle is over and the West Genesee School District is a big winner. This year, the district has a greater amount of state school aid coming to help educate children in Camillus. In dollars and cents, it is being increased by more than $2,477,041! For property owners in the area, that means property tax relief while maintaining quality education.

As your assemblyman, the issues that have always been my top priority are education and relieving our property tax burden. Through additional state aid, it is my hope we can keep school tax levies down while ensuring adequate state aid is provided to local schools.

Shove Park Gets an Upgrade

photo Assemblyman Barclay helped secure state grants to upgrade Shove Park.
Places like Shove Park provide an excellent place for the community to come together. To increase the usability of Shove Park, I worked with town leaders to secure money for the Camillus Town Parks and Recreation to construct both a community room and a locker room through the use of a $15,000 state grant.

Keeping Camillus Safe

photo Assemblyman Barclay secured grants to purchase new equipment for the Camillus PD.
Keeping our streets free of crime and protecting our community is the goal of the Camillus Police Department. To help them to this end, I assisted the department in securing $20,000 for the purchase of new equipment and technology upgrades to some of their existing systems. Earlier in the year, I partnered with the Camillus Police Department to secure an additional state grant of $25,000 to purchase a new squad car.

Middle-Class STAR Reminder

photo The new Middle-Class STAR Rebate Program helps to ease the property tax burden for homeowners.
Homeowners don’t forget about this new program! It provides direct property tax relief by sending a state rebate check for a portion of your school taxes. The rebate is provided to all homeowners currently enrolled in the STAR program with household incomes less than $250,000. If you are already in the Enhanced STAR program, your rebate check will be automatically mailed to you. If you are in the Basic STAR program, the state Department of Taxation and Finance will notify you regarding the application process. Qualifying homeowners have until November 30, 2007 to apply for their rebate. If you have any questions, call the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance at 1-877-678-2769 or visit their web site at