Assemblyman Will Barclay
124th Assembly District Skaneateles Community Update

Assemblyman Barclay Secures State Grants for Skaneateles Conservation Pond

photo Skaneateles Conservation Pond.
Skaneateles is known in the area for its pristine water and as being home to some of the most beautiful countryside in Onondaga County. The Conservation Area is a place in the town many people visit to enjoy some of the untouched beauty the town has to offer. In order to improve accessibility, I have supported improvements to the Conservation Area, most recently securing state assistance for the initial steps to expand the pond and create additional trails. The pond and surrounding area have become an important gathering place in the community that provide children a place to learn how to fish and appreciate Skaneateles’ natural resources.

Barclay Delivers Record School Aid Increase!

photo Increased state aid will help Skaneateles Schools.
As your Assemblyman, providing quality education to our children and providing property tax relief are two of my top priorities. This year, to stabilize property taxes and help our schools, I fought to increase school aid in the 2007-2008 Budget. The good news is that in this year’s budget, Skaneateles School District’s state aid increases by more than $280,000. This additional aid will keep school tax levies down and will continue to help Skaneateles School District provide a first rate education.

photo Assemblyman Barclay Helps Gear Up the Skaneateles Volunteer Fire Department

Recently, I was able to secure a legislative grant in the amount of $27,000 for the Skaneateles Fire Department to purchase a new air compressor, which is used to fill their tanks. I am pleased to be able to provide help for our local fire departments so that they can purchase the equipment they need. It is important to me to support the men and women who serve this community on a daily basis.

Assemblyman Barclay poses for a picture with Skaneateles firefighters.

Automatic Emergency Defibrillators Delivered to Skaneateles Emergency Service Providers

photo With Assemblyman Barclay’s help, Skaneateles was able to purchase nine new AEDs.
The first few minutes of a heart attack are the most critical, and quick medical response means the difference between life and death. Technology has made it possible to equip our first responders with portable automatic emergency defibrillators (AEDs), greatly increasing the chance of survival for heart attack victims. Because a police car, first responder vehicle or fire truck is often on the scene before an ambulance becomes available, it makes sense to ensure that these vehicles are equipped with AEDs.

That is why I teamed up with local emergency service providers to secure a state grant for the purchase of nine AEDs that were distributed to the ambulance service, police and fire departments in Skaneateles. Providing life-saving equipment will help save many lives.

Listening to You...

The most effective way to learn the issues and hear what people are saying in Skaneateles is to come right to the source. I recently hosted a community forum where I responded to many questions that were raised.

Assemblyman Barclay speaks with constituents at a town meeting.
We recapped some of the successes that came from the 2007 Legislative Session. We talked about reforms to the workers’ compensation system and reduction of taxes on businesses that will yield a significant cost savings for local employers. Other important changes this year came in the way of government transparency. In Albany we have gone from "three men in a room" to televised meetings between the governor and legislative leaders of both conferences in each house.

A great deal of the discussion centered on property taxes and working to ensure Skaneateles remains an affordable community, an issue that has always been my top priority. We talked about how state government can help reduce the tax burden by reducing unfunded mandates on municipalities and how this year’s increased state aid for schools will help provide the funds necessary to provide a quality education, without having to look to local homeowners to foot the bill. If you were unable to attend my community meeting, I encourage you to sign up for my e-legislative update mailings. Simply send me an e-mail to and ask to be added to the list!

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