A Plan to Lower
Your Taxes


Legislative Initiatives
Supported by
Assemblyman Barclay


Tackling the Problem Head On:

As you know, local governments and school districts rely heavily on the revenue that property taxes generate. According to the state Comptroller’s report, property taxes accounted for 44% of all municipal revenues in 2005. The question is – because property taxes are essentially a local tax, what can we do on the state level to provide relief?

First, I believe we need to understand why local government and school budgets continue to rise. I think this is especially telling considering that the state is providing more aid than ever to both municipalities and schools. Second, we need to examine state level policies, such as unfunded mandates that have yearly fiscal implications. I believe that we have made some progress in the right direction with the state takeover of the county portion of the Medicaid program and the implementation of the STAR Rebate program. However, I know that more needs to be done and action is going to require support on both sides of the aisle.

I am a lead sponsor on bi-partisan legislation creating a blue ribbon commission on property tax. This commission will study and make recommendations to the Legislature. I am also a member on the Assembly Minority Real Property Task Force, which has held several hearings across the state to discuss real property taxes with local government officials. Property taxes must be addressed and it is going to take a collective effort on the part of state and local officials. I will continue to fight for measures in the Assembly that will alleviate the crushing burden on property owners.


The weight of property taxes has caused the flight of many citizens from New York and discourages others from settling here, thus driving away vital resources and business. Currently, we are one of the highest taxed states in the nation and this is something that must be remedied.

To stem the tide, I have worked hard to pass legislation that will reduce taxes for our residents. I am pleased New York has implemented programs like the STAR-Rebate program. However, more needs to be done. To implement effective changes, I have supported new legislation that would lower our taxes by:

box A1015: Examining and restructuring the property tax system to provide tax relief



Increasing the property tax exemptions for veterans



Establishing a co-STAR tax program for senior citizens and farmers



Not supporting unfunded municipal mandates



Encouraging sharing of municipal obligations and responsibilities



Enacting the School Taxpayers’ Protection Act to guard against excessive spending

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