The Money Crunch Hits Home

Dear Neighbor,

Here in Central New York, I know that many individuals, working families and businesses are struggling to make ends meet. Faced with skyrocketing gas prices, higher food costs, higher tolls, increases in energy costs, property taxes and health care costs— budgets are stretched thin.

On a state level, we need to do more to help alleviate the middle-class squeeze. Enclosed in this newsletter are proposals that I believe will help alleviate the financial hardships of Central New Yorkers.

I hope you find this information informative and, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Very truly yours,
Member of the Assembly
124th District

Post Standard Newspaper Article

“For too long Albany has had the devastating policy of tax and spend. Since 2003, spending has increased more than $20 billion, well above the rate of inflation. Rather than increasing fees and imposing new surcharges, we need to rein in spending, provide meaningful tax relief and enact policies that will help residents of this state.”

Combating Gas Prices

With local gas prices reaching around $3.81 per gallon and diesel peaking at $4.75 per gallon, the state must act now to provide meaningful relief for drivers and the trucking industry:

  • TEMPORARILY ELIMINATE all state taxes on gas

  • OPPOSE the Thruway Authority’s plan to increase tolls estimated at $125 million through 2010

  • Eliminate the Ton Mileage Tax

Cheaper Energy

Electric prices in New York State are, on average, 61.1% higher than the national average. The following proposals would provide energy relief for consumers:

  • Provide households with an income tax credit for energy efficient appliances installed in their home

  • Create a sales tax exemption for energy star items

  • Exempt wood pellet purchases from sales tax for use in residential homes

  • Eliminate the Gross Receipt Tax on energy for residential customers

Skyrocketing Property Taxes

Measures that we can take on the state level to provide relief:

  • RESTRICT unfunded mandates to prevent government from forcing other entities to carry out specific actions without funding them

  • Reduce Medicaid costs on local governments

  • Provide grants to local governments who purchase Medicaid fraud software

  • Establish a bipartisan commission addressing property taxes; making recommendations to the legislature


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