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Statement From Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay On The Judiciary Committee Impeachment Report

“The Assembly Judiciary Committee’s report on its impeachment investigation confirms what I, and others, have said throughout 2021: Andrew Cuomo abused the power of his office and deserved to be impeached. The details of his misdeeds have been documented in countless media reports, through multiple investigations by the attorney general and now – at long last – by the Judiciary Committee’s findings.

The facts presented by the Committee’s investigators clearly illustrate that he was unfit to lead this state. He routinely harassed multiple female employees, utilized state resources to line his pockets with a $5.1 million book deal and deceived everyone on the severity of COVID’s impact in the state’s nursing homes.

The former governor has repeatedly denied wrongdoing while attacking his accusers and dismissing substantial scandals as politically motivated. I’m sure he and his team will continue to defend the indefensible. However, what he has yet to do is accept any responsibility or face real accountability for his actions. With additional investigations still looming, the information contained in the Judiciary Committee report should now be used by law-enforcement agencies to ensure that accountability is finally achieved.”