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Statement from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay on Today's Executive Budget Presentation

“What the governor offered today was not a budget presentation. It was more regurgitated rhetoric that we’ve heard over and over, punctuated by a desperate plea to the federal government for a $15 billion bailout. For all the talk of ‘leadership’ that comes from this administration, most of the morning was spent passing the buck on to Washington D.C.

The state’s significant budget crisis is well known. What remains less clear, even now, is exactly how we’re going to solve our considerable fiscal problems. Harsh budget realities have existed for several months, but today, we received a pair of proposals that simply extend the wait-and-see approach filled with contingencies and little clarity.

With the challenges in front of us, tough decisions will have to be made. Federal help is necessary, and I have advocated for it. But threatening court action unless those resources are provided is hardly a reliable strategy, nor does it qualify as responsible budgeting.

The economic devastation caused by COVID-19 and ensuing lockdown orders put New York’s budget into a state of disarray. Unfortunately, as the state faces so much uncertainty, two major items were sorely missing today – definitive answers and accountability.”