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Statement from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay on Proposed Legislation to End Gov. Cuomo’s Emergency Powers

“For several months, Minority Conference members in both the Assembly and Senate have been calling for Gov. Cuomo’s expanded powers to be rolled back. While Majority Conference members have repeatedly allowed the administration to hold onto its unilateral authority, it’s encouraging that some of our colleagues from across the aisle are now coming forward to take this necessary action.

The legislation being advanced by Assemblyman Kim and Sen. Biaggi is important, overdue and I will sign onto the measure in support. However, in regard to the Cuomo Administration’s disgraceful nursing home cover-up, this is only a first step. Rolling back the governor’s unchecked authority simply returns state government to the full representative democracy it was always intended to be.

Most importantly, in their letter to lawmakers seeking support for the bill, Majority Conference legislators made references to Gov. Cuomo’s ‘intentional obstruction of justice,’ ‘criminal abuse of power’ and suggested a possible ‘commencement of impeachment proceedings.’ These are very serious claims that necessitate thorough investigations.

What more do we need to see? A deadly March 25 order contributed to the COVID virus’ spread and was reversed after six weeks; the attorney general’s scathing report; deliberate delays in releasing information while offering data that misled the public; an admission by the secretary to the governor of trying to circumvent a federal inquiry – it’s clear that ending emergency powers should be only the beginning of what’s to come.

My Assembly Minority Conference colleagues and I will continue to demand further action and immediate, decisive steps toward accountability for all parties involved in this cover-up.”