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Statement from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay on Gov. Cuomo Profiting from Book Deal

“Today we learned that Andrew Cuomo’s book deal was worth more than $5 million – yet another fact he hid from the public until finally forced to reveal it through tax disclosures. His decision to publish a self-promotional book during the deadliest public-health crisis of our lifetimes was wrong in both principle and process.

As taxpayer-funded employees worked on his book, Gov. Cuomo and his team deliberately altered public health reports, withheld nursing home fatality data for months and refused to answer questions from state lawmakers and the Department of Justice.

We don’t know how much this book guided public health policy during the COVID pandemic. That will be a matter for investigators to determine. But we now know the governor had at least five million reasons to portray his ‘leadership’ in the best possible light.”