2004 Yellow Book
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Change Percent


General Fund 31,840,000 25,614,000 (6,226,000) -19.6%
Special Revenue-Other 26,424,000 37,518,200 11,094,200 42.0%

Total for AGENCY SUMMARY: 58,264,000 63,132,200 4,868,200 8.4%

* 2000-01 through 2002-03 reflect enacted appropriations.
* 2003-04 and 2004-05 reflect Executive recommended appropriations.


Fund Current

General Fund: 155 0 (155)
All Other Funds: 246 401 155

TOTAL: 401 401 0

Budget Highlights

The Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) is responsible for the supervision of local tax administration in New York State. This agency is included in the Education, Labor and Family Assistance appropriation bill.

Appropriations for this agency total $63,132,200, an increase of $4,868,200 or 8.4 percent from State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2003-04 levels. The Executive anticipates no change in total number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions although reassignments within the agency are expected. The Executive proposes to the transfer of 155 FTE positions from the General Fund to Special Revenue Funds – Other. The proposal assigns 90 FTEs to the Policy and Organizational Support Services program and 65 FTEs to the Regional Operations program.

State Operations

The Executive proposes increasing the fee for recording real property transfers from $50 to $75 for residences and farms and from $50 to $165 for all other properties. These changes are expected to generate additional revenue of $14,200,000 in SFY 2004-05 and $18,900,000 in SFY 2005-06. This additional revenue will be used to offset General Fund support for Agency operations and should made ORPS an SRO agency by SFY 2005-06.

The Executive recommends a net increase of $3,664,200 in funding for State operations for SFY 2004-05. The General Fund appropriation for the Policy and Organizational Support Services program is decreased to $2,570,000, $7,430,000 less than the SFY 2003-04 funded amount of $10,000,000. The Special Revenue Fund-Other appropriation is $15,380,700, an increase from $4,877,700 in SFY 2003-04. The Executive also proposes a Special Revenue-Other appropriation of $10,000,000 in personal and non-personal services for the Improvement of Real Property Tax Administration Program.

Aid To Localities

The Executive proposes an appropriation of $23,044,000 for SFY 2004-05, representing an increase of $1,204,000 over SFY 2003-04.

The Executive’s recommendation includes the following changes: a $300,000 decrease for local STAR administration to reflect reduced workload; a $1,200,000 increase for financial assistance for assessment improvement to meet projected reassessment programs; and a $5,000,000 increase for reimbursements to local governments for their revenue losses under the Rail Infrastructure Act of 2002.

Article VII

The Executive proposes legislation to increase the fee for recording changes in the ownership of real property from $50 to $75 for residential and agricultural properties, and from $50 to $165 for all other properties. Nearly 75 percent of the General Fund spending of the Office of Real Property Services will be offset in 2004-05 with the fee increase, and agency operations in 2005-06 would be fully funded by the increase.

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