New York State Assembly Task Force on New Americans Budgetary and Legislative Priorities 2024

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Task Force On New Americans 2021/2022 Report

The Economic Importance of Immigrants in New York

Legislative Report from the Task Force For New Americans - Summer 2016

A Snapshot of the 2012 Minority Health Surveillance Report

The Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act - It's The Law and It Protects Immigrants from Fraud

2014 Annual Report Task Force on New Americans

Crespo Asks Governor to Establish Special Funds for Immigrant Children Fleeing Violence Abroad

Crespo Wants State Agencies to Disclose their Plans to Assist Children Fleeing Violence in Central America

Task Force Supports Improvements to English Language Programs

A Brief List of Major Holidays Celebrated by the Tapestry of Ethnic Groups in The Empire State

Letter to DOH on Problems with Language Access and Health Exchange

A Collection of Poems by Dreamers - Immigration & Deportation: The Road to Becoming an American

FACT SHEET: The Economic Importance of Immigrant Populations to New York State

Conference Call Adult ESL Event

Conference Call Adult ESL Agenda

Estado de Salud de Nueva York: Entendiendo la Ley de Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio

New York State of Health: Understanding the Affordable Care Act


 Task Force on New Americans Chair  Phara Souffrant Forrest Phara Souffrant Forrest


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