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A05436 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Weinstein, Kim, Lunsford, Burdick, Fahy, Wallace, Simon, Zinerman, Griffin, Gonzalez-Rojas, Magnarelli, Galef, Forrest, Thiele, McDonald, Otis, Meeks, Bronson, Rozic, Cusick, Steck, Colton, Barrett, Barron, Cruz, Anderson, Sayegh, Stirpe, Woerner, Stern, Glick, Vanel, Cahill, Rosenthal L, Pichardo, Richardson, Zebrowski, Williams, Bichotte Hermelyn, Dinowitz, Rivera JD, Abbate, Sillitti, Buttenschon, Carroll, Lupardo, McMahon, Abinanti, Gallagher, Fall, Jacobson, Nolan, Perry, Peoples-Stokes, Hunter, Jackson, Santabarbara, Kelles, Reyes, Cook
Amd §218, Eld L; amd §2803, Pub Health L
Directs the office of the state long-term care ombudsman to advertise and promote the long-term care ombudsman program (Part A); directs the commissioner of health, in consultation with the state long-term care ombudsman and the commissioners of the departments responsible for the license or certification of long-term care facilities, to establish policies and procedures for reporting, by staff and volunteers of the long-term care ombudsman program, issues concerning the health, safety and welfare of residents at long-term care facilities (Part B); includes access to state long-term care ombudsman program staff and volunteers within the pandemic emergency plan prepared by residential health care facilities (Part C).
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