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A00810 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORGottfried (MS)
COSPNSRAubry, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, Millman, Robinson, Colton, Stevenson, Crespo
MLTSPNSRBoyland, Brennan, Cahill, Clark, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Gantt, Glick, Heastie, Hooper, Jacobs, Jaffee, Kellner, Magee, Markey, McEneny, Ortiz, Perry, Rivera J, Rivera P, Scarborough, Schimel, Weisenberg, Wright
Amd S2801, Pub Health L
Includes health care facilities or part of a facility operated or supervised by the department of correctional services or by local correctional facilities within the definition of hospital for the application and implementation of this article.
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