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A00081 Summary:

COSPNSRPaulin, Thiele, DeStefano, Mikulin, Palmesano, Burdick
Add §165-b, St Fin L
Provides that a state agency shall require a person that submits a bid or offer in response to a notice of procurement, or that proposes to renew an existing procurement contract with a state agency or proposes to assume the responsibility of a contractor pursuant to a procurement contract with a state agency or otherwise proposes to enter into a contract with a state agency with respect to a contract for commodities, services, construction, or contracts entered pursuant to section eight of the public buildings law or section thirty-eight of the highway law, to certify, at the time the bid is submitted or the contract is renewed or assigned, that the person or the assignee is not identified on a list that such person is doing business with or in the Russian federation and shall not be deemed a responsive bidder or offeror.
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