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A02029 Summary:

COSPNSRMorinello, Simon, Raga, Dinowitz, Shimsky, Glick, Kelles, Magnarelli, Flood, DeStefano, McDonough, Giglio JM, Levenberg, Shrestha, Fitzpatrick, Rosenthal L
Amd §1503, add §1519, N-PC L; amd §235, Ed L; amd §14.09, Pks & Rec L
Enacts the "unmarked burial site protection act"; requires the cessation of all ground disturbing activities upon the discovery of a burial ground, human remains or funerary objects; requires the reporting of such discovery to the local coroner; provides that if such remains are more than 50 years old, the state archaeologist shall be notified; requires state archaeologist to determine whether the remains are of Native American origin; provides that the lineal descendants or culturally affiliated group of such remains shall be notified and be given possession thereof; establishes the Native American burial site review committee to provide for notice and disposition of Native American remains; establishes criminal penalties for the violation of such provisions relating to the disturbance or failure to report the discovery of any such site, remains or objects; grants the attorney general and aggrieved parties a civil right of action for the violations of such provisions; requires inquiry by state agency preservation officers to determine whether any proposed project undertaken, funded or approved by a state agency will disturb burial grounds.
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