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A03390 Summary:

COSPNSRBarclay, Blankenbush, Brabenec, DiPietro, Fitzpatrick, Friend, Giglio JM, Goodell, Hawley, Miller, Morinello, Norris, Palmesano, Walsh, Smullen, Manktelow
Amd Part C §1, Chap 58 of 2005; add Art 11-A §§500 - 502, Soc Serv L; amd §§606 & 686, rpld §606 sub§ (c) ¶1-a, Tax L; add §54-n, St Fin L; add §2023-c, Ed L; add §§3-d & 3-e, Art 12-J §239-aaa, Gen Muni L; amd §23, Munic Home R L
Relates to a ten-year state takeover of the local share of Medicaid outside of New York city; provides a twenty-year state takeover of fifty percent of the local share of Medicaid in New York city; creates a commission to reform public assistance benefits; expands the state earned income tax credit from thirty percent to forty-five percent of the federal credit amount; offers the option for individuals to receive the state earned income tax credit in monthly installments; expands the child and dependent care tax credit; provides for state assumption of the growth in property taxes for school districts and local governments that remain under the real property tax cap; creates a real property tax redesign team required to produce recurring savings; subjects New York city to the property tax cap.
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