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A09576 Summary:

COSPNSRThiele, Ortiz, Englebright, Steck, Sepulveda, Stirpe, Hunter, Colton, Pellegrino, Pheffer Amato, Brindisi, Curran, Abinanti, De La Rosa, Galef, Fahy, Magnarelli, Lifton, Jaffee, Hyndman, Carroll, Mosley, Gottfried, O'Donnell, Stern, Lupardo, Glick, Bronson, Skoufis, Rosenthal L, Dinowitz, Rosenthal D, Jones, Seawright, Woerner, Paulin, Bohen, Barnwell, Taylor, Weprin, Arroyo, McDonough, Santabarbara, Finch, Walter, Ra, Peoples-Stokes, Titus, Quart, Norris, Wallace, McDonald, Lavine
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Byrne, Cymbrowitz, Epstein, Nolan
Add Art 2-B §§290 - 294, amd §3343-b, Pub Health L
Enacts the drug take back act requiring certain manufacturers to operate a drug take back program to accept and dispose of covered drugs; provides that for any city with a population of one hundred twenty-five thousand or more as of the last decennial census, the commissioner of health shall establish by regulation a distribution plan that ensures that on-site collection receptacle or dropbox placement shall be reasonably accessible to all residents.
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