Hevesi Topped Off Earth Day with Green Legislation

On May 2nd, 2011, New York State Assembly passed their annual Earth Day Legislative Package. Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi’s (D – Forest Hills) Green Roofs Bill (A.96) was included in this package. This bill amends the public buildings law to allow for the use of cool roofs on new or substantially renovated state-owned buildings.

The purpose of the bill is to increase solar reflectance and thermal emittance to reduce energy consumption in government owned buildings. White roofing reflects sunlight and in turn reduces energy costs in buildings, particularly in the summer months. Once signed, this program would take effect immediately and is expected to have no negative fiscal implications as it is only aimed at new or heavily reconstructed government buildings.

“This is just one of the little things we can change to create a more sustainable future for Americans. Coating a roof to reflect sun is simple, and it saves taxpayers unnecessary expenditures in the long run,” Assemblyman Hevesi said. “I would encourage homeowners to make this a summer project for their residences as well so they can see their energy bills reduced.”