Transforming Communities: Downtown Revitalization Investments

The commitment from New York State through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) and the NY Forward Program underlines the unwavering dedication to uplifting local communities and ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for municipalities such as Richfield, Boonville, Herkimer and their residents.

The Town of Richfield encompasses a quaint downtown in the Village of Richfield Springs that is full of history. They are poised for revitalization through their $4.5 million NY Forward Award with an emphasis on improving Main Street and public areas. Through the use of their N.Y. Forward funds, they are looking to maintain the historic charm of the area while repurposing existing historic buildings and implementing sustainability measures. Making downtown more pedestrian-friendly, improving streetscapes and maintaining and attracting small businesses are a priority. The village center is fortunate to have a park that will be incorporated into their community-centric plans as well. These investments mark not just dollars, but the promise of revitalization, growth and a brighter future for our changing communities.

The Village of Boonville’s $4.5 million NY Forward Awards reflect a vision for pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and small business growth. The 'We're Just Up the Road' application from Boonville aims to boost the downtown area by leveraging its tourist attractions. Boonville hopes to create a city that is more bike- and pedestrian-friendly.

Herkimer's $10 million DRI Award is a testament to the village's dedication, having strategically planned to implement projects to revitalize its downtown. As the county seat, Herkimer holds a pivotal role, and this $10 million DRI Award presents a golden opportunity to reshape the village into a thriving hub. This is a catalyst for transformative change. From anchor properties to walkability, this investment will attract jobs, businesses and connect the community to recreational assets, while fostering a dynamic and welcoming environment that once again embodies community pride.

“I applaud Governor Hochul and the leaders of these municipalities for taking the time to invest in our communities,” said Assemblyman Brian Miller.