Miller Disappointed with One-House Budget

After reviewing the Assembly Majority’s One-House Budget proposal, Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,C-New Hartford) is displeased with the increased spending, new taxes, surge in migrant funding, and failure to address crucial issues like bail reform. Miller contends the root problems in our state are not addressed in this budget proposal, including outmigration of residents, public safety and continued inflation.

“Some aspects of the proposed budget are beneficial to the state, such as safeguarding Hold Harmless to ensure our school districts don’t lose any of their foundation aid funding. There is also a provision to reinstate CHIPS funding for local roads that originally was proposed to be cut from the budget. We also have a proposal establishing a task force for retail crime, which is something myself, and my colleagues have been advocating for and will benefit our business owners in New York State. The budget also includes an all important increase in mental health funding for SUNY and CUNY.”

“While these are small, commendable efforts for our state, the One House Budget barely scratches the surface of our infrastructure needs in New York State.There are numerous problems involved with the amount of spending this budget proposes, especially the staggering overall spending increase of$13.1 billion. Continuing to increase spending in New York will only bring fiscal instability and greater budget deficits in the future. The Assembly Majority keeps making it harder and harder to stay in the state of New York. Unless we rein in this excessive spending, the cost of living in New York will continue to become more unbearable for New Yorkers,” said Miller.