Friend Decries Governor’s Plan for Free Health Care Program for Sex Workers

Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C-Big Flats) objects to the Governor’s unilateral actions to create a $1 million sex worker health care program. The program would provide primary, sexual and behavioral health care and dental coverage.

“Most law-abiding New Yorkers are struggling to pay for their own health care bills even with insurance coverage. Instead of working toward making health care more affordable for all New Yorkers, the Governor decides to create a shocking $1 million health care program, including dental, for sex workers without the Legislature’s consent,” said Friend. “Normalizing sex work and prostitution just says to these women that their dignity does not matter to New York. The governor’s actions also say to taxpayers, your health care struggles don’t matter either.”

Health care costs for most middle-class families have ballooned with little effort from state officials to control costs, and instead, they regularly allow companies to raise rates by double digits. Friend also said he is concerned the government is normalizing an entire industry that exploits other human beings, often through trafficking.

“None of the exploitation of women, men and children in sex work is normal. The state should not be enabling it,” said Friend.