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NY’s Costly $1.8 Billion Economic Development Programs Need Oversight

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Southern Tier Legislators: Start Up High School Sports - Letter

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Assemblyman Chris Friend Looks Out for Us

Lack Of Protocol Has Forced New York Into Current Gun Regulation Disaster

As each year progresses, we in the New York State Legislature are forced to face many challenging obstacles. For the sake of good government, certain protocols have been enacted to provide time for public input and allow elected officials to offer amendments...

The 3rd Annual Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day

2011 Community Outreach Survey

Cutting Red Tape In The New York Wine Industry

Throughout New York State, we have seen how independent vineyards can deploy traditional techniques to generate a regionally unique agricultural product. Now, we must cut the red tape to allow such a beneficial product to be sold and marketed more widely...

Important School Budget Votes Are Right Around The Corner

It is that time of year when members of the community gather to vote on school budgets. These votes are important as they determine the educational direction of a school and the fiscal responsibilities of a community. I encourage taking an active role...

Nuclear Power Still Safe, Despite Distortions

In light of the tragic events in Japan it seems to me appropriate to consider the safety of nuclear energy in New York State. In doing so, however, we must address not only the fear we all face, but also the facts at hand. In times of crisis and chaos,...

Friend: Governor Cuomo on the Right Track

Governor Cuomo, in his inaugural State of the State Address, mapped an ambitious plan for New York state. The speech brimmed with words of optimism and opportunity, and I am hopeful that this journey will not be impeded by the typical Albany political...