Friend: Assembly Passes Legislation To End Burdensome Insurance Mandate, Urges Senate To Follow

Assemblyman Christopher Friend (R-Big Flats) this week voted in favor of Assembly bill 5502, which will end the practice of health insurance companies requiring that patients purchase prescribed drugs through a mail-order pharmacy.

“This mandate is costly both to patients and communities,” said Friend. “The direction and service provided by a pharmacist who you are in direct contact with cannot be matched by mail-order pharmacies. This legislation will begin sending business back to our local pharmacies that provide services free of charge to our seniors. Ending this requirement also will help to eliminate bureaucratic red tape and stop the incursion of drugs onto our streets due to the over- shipment of drugs that often occurs with mail-order pharmacy practices. I am proud to have voted to end this costly mandate on individuals and applaud the sponsors of this bill for their hard work and dedication to the people of New York. I urge the state Senate to follow suit and pass this critical legislation.”