Assemblyman Friend Sponsors Legislation To Help Ease The Pain Of Parents Of Stillborn Children

Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R–Big Flats) voted yesterday in favor of his sponsored legislation which would help ease the pain of parents of a stillborn child by allowing for the issuance of a posthumous birth certificate for these children.

“One of the most devastating experiences for a parent is to lose a child during pregnancy,” said Friend. “Acknowledging even the briefest moments of human life is necessary to show respect for the miracle of birth and exhibit our compassion to grieving parents. I am proud to have been a sponsor of legislation which preserves the dignity of life and offers a small token of kindness to New York families.”

Assembly bill 8178-A would allow the state Department of Health or the New York City Board of Health to generate a birth certificate at the request of the parents of a stillborn child. Parents also may choose to have the certificate bear the name of the child.

The bill was passed in both houses of the New York State Legislature and currently awaits the signature of Governor Cuomo.