Friend, Law Enforcement: Repeal Bail Reform Now

Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats), law enforcement and his legislative colleagues held a rally in the State Capitol to continue calls for the repeal of bail reform. Last month, Friend and his Assembly colleagues unveiled A.8855, a bill which would fully repeal bail reform.

“New York’s bail reform continues to endanger the people of New York, our law enforcement community and victims of crime. Since Jan. 1, many criminals have expressed joy at being set free to recommit the very crime they were arrested for. Domestic violence victims are being revictimized and are fearful to present testimony since it is no longer confidential,” said Friend. “In contrast to New York, New Jersey provided funding and training to implement its version of criminal justice reform over three years, not overnight. It’s an outrage that New York continues to disrespect law-abiding citizens. This law needs to be repealed and we should start over with public hearings from stakeholders across the state.”