Friend: A Man Dies Because Criminal with a Deep Rap Sheet Released Due to Bail Reform

Statement from Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats)

“The so-called bail reforms implemented this year have been abysmal for public safety, leading to the worse outcome – the loss of life. Tyquan Rivera, a man who shot a police officer and was most recently incarcerated for pushing fentanyl, was released in January because of bail reform, only to kill another man by driving illegally and pulling out in front of a motorcyclist. Had Rivera not been released, this would have not happened. Left and right we are seeing bail reform release reckless and lawless individuals, only to commit new crimes and harm innocent New Yorkers.“

Here are some items of note about Rivera’s history:

  • He previously shot a Rochester police officer in 2009;
  • He was arrested and convicted for selling fentanyl to multiple undercover officers;
  • He was released from incarceration on January 2, 2020 because of the bail reform law; and
  • He was arrested yet again on June 5, 2020 for illegally driving a car, pulling out in front of a motorcyclist, and killing the driver.