Friend Calls to Reinstate Public Safety Laws to Protect Victims and Restore Order in State

Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats) joined his Assembly Minority colleagues and criminal justice officials to call for the reversal of recent pro-criminal laws which have threatened public safety throughout the state. The officials have their sights on fixing the mess of bail reform, re-establishing judicial review and putting an end to the so-called compassionate release of criminals during the coronavirus pandemic, as recidivism rates increase.

“We’ve seen how these so-called bail reforms have endangered our communities, while re-victimizing those who have already suffered at the hands of criminals. Our police officers work a thankless and difficult job, where they hold the line between law and order and chaos,” said Friend. “Recent legislation in Albany has been pushed by far-left extremists who lie to the public and strip away the tools and protections our law enforcement needs to do their jobs well. I voted against them. We’ve seen it all over. Crime is on the rise, and it is time that these reckless laws are reversed.”

Crime has risen throughout the state. For example, in Rochester, shooting-related homicides have increased by 40 percent, and shootings are up 46 percent. In Syracuse, homicides have increased by 27 percent, and burglaries are up 31 percent. Alarmingly, in Albany, homicides have increased by 800 percent, and shootings are up 379 percent. Friend asserts that action must be taken now, so that the increase in crime does not spread elsewhere.

Video of the press conference may be found at the following here.