There Is Still Work Ahead

Legislative Column from Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats)

These are challenging times and every action taken by the government must be meaningful and well-thought-out to best serve the needs of all New Yorkers.

A staggering amount of New York lives have been lost, especially in our nursing homes. New York workers are uncertain over the security of their jobs, while our main street businesses are forced to stay closed at the governor’s orders or struggle to stay open in the new economic reality.

Meanwhile, the state will have to contend with a looming budget deficit due to falling revenue from tax receipts. The governor, who has time and time again put our state’s fiscal and economic health in jeopardy, still holds the reins that the Democratic-led Legislature handed over, giving him unprecedented, dictator-like power.

I don’t think anyone could have foreseen this for the people of New York. I certainly hoped for more and better for the people of the Southern Tier.

But every moment and action taken by the government must be primarily focused on seeing us through to the other side of this pandemic and ensuring New York lays the foundation for a stronger economy and systems of health care, education and more. I am disappointed to say that is not where the Majority placed their energies during the last throes of the legislative session last week.

Majority, led by radicals from New York City, expanded the rights of illegals and opened our state up to voter fraud. They put forward a politically charged agenda that did little to serve New York families. They placed the interests of those who break our laws over protecting our communities and law-abiding citizens. They opened our elections to fraud, making it easier for someone to register and vote, even though they would be ineligible.

Furthermore, little was done by Majority to hold the system and policies accountable for the more than 6,312 lives lost in nursing homes throughout the state.

There is so much work left undone by Assembly Majority. Our work for the people of New York is not done.

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