Friend: Cuomo Could Have Learned A Few Lessons In Leadership From Pennsylvania

Statement from Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats) on the Governor’s book release and pandemic response

“The governor just can’t help himself in releasing ‘Leadership Lessons,’ an all too early look-back and victory lap at his response to COVID-19, when we are seeing another wave. Our state has unnecessarily endured many deaths from his too-late response and went through a devastating shutdown that has disrupted our entire economy and the lives of every New Yorker. Being on the border of Pennsylvania, we saw a far different response, one that preserved lives and their way of life. Our neighboring state’s schools are open five days a week with in-classroom instruction. Students are being enriched with singing, performance, art and school sports.

“The World Health Organization has rejected complete shutdowns in response to COVID-19 because they have impacted the poor and marginalized the most. It is clear with the governor’s most recent threats of a complete shutdown that he has learned nothing as a leader.”