Friend to Assembly Majority Leadership: Do Your Job

Statement from Assembly Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats) after Assembly Majority cancel session today

“The Assembly Majority leadership needs to do their job. We are meant to lead in times of great difficulty, not run from it. My Minority colleagues and I have been trying to hold the governor accountable for his actions. Last week, they would not debate or vote on bills we amended to hold the governor accountable – resulting in a pitifully inadequate two hours of session over three days. Now, today, session has been cancelled altogether. Even rank-and-file Majority members, many of whom are women, are being ignored.

“The Assembly Majority’ refusal to do their job enables Cuomo, who is under investigation by the DOJ and attorney general for lying about 15,000 lives lost in nursing homes, in addition to sexual harassment charges from at least two women. Not taking action to strip him of his extraordinary powers and to open an investigation continues to keep a dangerous man at the helm of our state.”