Friend: Assembly Majority Still Want to Hike Taxes by $14.6 Billion Despite NY Receiving $24 Billion in Federal Aid

Statement from Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats) on rejecting the Assembly Majority’s One-House Budget bill

“Assembly Majority can’t seem to help themselves. We just received nearly $24 billion from the federal government in aid and $5.7 billion in increased tax receipts, yet, still, Assembly Majority members want to impose another $14.6 billion in taxes over two years. They pick winners and losers in their budget. Assembly Majority have learned nothing from the pandemic and see this as an opportunity to fund their pet projects and campaign donors.

“Between this and clear overtures to strip the governor’s pet programs, they’re making it clear he’s not a serious part of the negotiations anymore. With Cuomo mired in multiple scandals, he’s clearly unable to effectively govern. He must resign to allow the lt. governor to step in to keep Assembly Majority members in check.”