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Welcome to my New York State Veterans information page. As a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, I am committed to informing our veterans and their families of the opportunities and services available to them at the federal, state and county level. Here you will find links to websites that have the information you may need on subjects ranging from special drivers licenses to jobs programs to legislation.

Fact: Nearly 20,000 veterans live right here
in Columbia & Dutchess counties.

Sponsored Honor Flights for Veterans

The Hudson Valley Honor Flight and Patriot Flight are two local hubs in the district that are part of the National Honor Flight Network, a program that provides World War II and terminally ill veterans of other wars with free transportation to visit their memorials in Washington, D.C.

The Hudson Valley Honor Flight includes Dutchess County, while the Patriot Flight program includes Columbia County. Both are non-profits dedicated to honoring our local veterans and are part of over 100 independent non-profit groups that make up the National Honor Flight Network.

For more information about Hudson Valley Honor Flight and how Dutchess County veterans can apply click here.

For more information about Patriot Flight and how Columbia County veterans can apply click here.

Rebuilding Together Dutchess County

In their effort to provide safe and accessible housing for all, Rebuilding Together focuses on rehabilitating homes of low-income homeowners. The organization brings together local volunteers and community members to help revitalize homes that are in desperate need of repair. To meet the growing needs of veterans, Rebuilding Together's Veterans Housing program helps modify and repair the homes of injured, retired and active veterans as they return home to mounting bills, a worn-out house or other financial hardships.

For more information about Rebuilding Together's Veterans Housing and how veterans can apply click here.

Special Drivers Licenses

The option of designating military service on their driver's licenses and taking advantage of the Columbia & Dutchess counties Veterans Discount Program are available to our veterans, so that they can receive the benefits they deserve.

Veterans currently have to carry around their DD-214 forms to prove they have served in the military. Under the new legislation, veterans can apply for a special designation on their driver's licenses through the state DMV. The special licenses are intended to eliminate the need for veterans to carry separate documentation proving their military service in order to take advantage of discounts or other programs available to vets.

For more information: DMV's information on obtaining a special license

Favor Cards

The Columbia County Department of Veterans Services & the Dutchess County Division of Veterans Services, in conjunction with the county clerk's office and local businesses provide discounts on products and services with their "Return the Favor" card. Under this program, participating businesses and merchants will provide a discount to a veteran who presents his or her FAVOR card.

The discount is established by the participating businesses and/or merchant. Examples of possible discounts could include a percentage off the total bill, a discounted service fee, a limited-time free subscription to a particular service, etc.

The business owner will establish what the discount will be.

For more information please call:

Dutchess County Favor Cards and Participating Merchants:

***Please note: If you have the veterans' designation on your license you do not need a "FAVOR" card. ***