Assemblymember Barrett: EPA is Failing Hudson Valley Communities

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done the Hudson Valley a grave disservice by issuing a Certification of Completion of the Remedial Action to General Electric (GE) for its Hudson River cleanup. The EPA has failed our environment and told our communities that their health and safety is not important. I urged the EPA not to issue this certification and I support New York State’s efforts to sue the EPA to ensure that the required restoration of the Hudson River can continue.

“For decades, GE polluted PCBs into the Hudson River, but the company spent less than 10 years on cleanup efforts mandated by the EPA. A single decade is not nearly enough time for the river to recover from the damage GE caused. If the EPA’s decision stands, Hudson Valley residents will continue seeing industries hindered by this pollution for years to come, damaging our economic well-being in addition to the health of our communities, environment and wildlife.

“The people of New York were counting on the federal government to protect the Hudson, but today’s decision shows that the EPA lacks commitment to the river and holding GE accountable. The EPA has succumbed to corporate business interests rather than the interests of people up and down the Hudson River, and by doing so has prolonged the recovery of one of America’s great natural treasures.”