Ra: Let’s Do Our Part To Help New Yorkers Recover

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) joined the Assembly Minority Conference in advocating for a bill to enact a two-year sales tax suspension on many everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas and housekeeping supplies (A.8481). In the past year, gas prices have seen a cost increase of 49.6 percent and energy prices are up 29.3 percent. These costs are sustainable.

As state revenue exceeded expectations, it’s clear the state should use the excess funds to provide needed relief to New Yorkers.

“As inflation continues to climb and many still feel financial hardships brought on by the pandemic, it’s critical we take action to help our middle-class families feel real relief,” said Ra. “This bill is a great first step to provide help with essential expenses for New Yorkers. I’m proud to be advocating for this desperately-needed relief with the Assembly Minority Conference.”