Assemblyman Ed Ra Calls for Restoration of Judicial Discretion, Eliminating Cashless Bail

Show me a controversial issue in the political world today and you'll see opposing sides put forth evidence showcasing why their arguments are correct. So, it comes as no surprise that when New York City Mayor Eric Adams introduced data regarding repeat offenders and bail reform, supporters of bail reform cried foul. Nevertheless, it’s the same people who have been overlooked in this debate who were forgotten in the aftermath of this agenda: crime victims.

New York City has had staggering increases in crime rates over the last few years. Due to cashless bail laws, lack of support for our men and women in blue and self-proclaimed “progressive” District Attorneys, we have seen numerous dangerous, repeat offenders roaming free in our streets without fear of being locked up for any serious amount of time. A teenager is freed with no bail after a violent robbery only to assault a police officer days later. Serial shoplifters are repeatedly arrested and released moments after they are detained, does any of this make sense?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently held a press conference and called the current cashless bail laws “insane” and used the phrase “broken system”. The result of these dangerous cashless bail policies has shown that out of nearly 1,500 burglary crimes committed in 2022, 25% of criminals commit another crime within 60 days. That same number was 7.7% in 2017. Adams also showed 80% of gun suspects in the five boroughs were subsequently released following their arrest.

To showcase the insanity of these bail laws, the New York Post released an article that displayed the 10 worst repeat criminals in the state. These 10 criminals amassed a grand total of 485 arrests. Stories like this are continuing all over the state, of repeat criminals continuing to break laws as they know there are no serious repercussions.

Michael Gianaris, the deputy Majority leader in the Senate, compared Mayor Adams to Minority lawmakers as if public safety is merely a radical, right-wing talking point. Gianaris said it’s “sad” that Mayor Adams has sided with right wingers who are” grossly demagoguing” the issue of bail reform. Despite story after story about what Majority lawmakers criminal justice “reform” agenda has done to public safety, our call earlier this summer to hold a special legislative session to address soaring crime was met with complete silence.

Gov. Hochul sees no issues with the current bail system as she had stated that the judges themselves might be behind the curve in understanding their judicial discretion powers now more than ever since the cashless bail system was implemented in 2019 (NY Post).

Yes, you read that correctly. Gov. Hochul is passing blame onto the judges for the rising crime in the state. With overall crime in New York state up 31% from 2021, It might be time for Gov. Hochul to start looking in the mirror. Doubling down on failed policies is crippling this state. New Yorkers are tired of the rampant crime that is affecting schools, businesses, recreation and all the great aspects this state has to offer.

Judges need to be able to make their assessments on a case based on the risk of danger the criminal poses to the rest of society.Instead, they are powerless to consider dangerousness under any circumstances and can’t even consider other factors like flight risk unless the charge falls under a certain category of crimes.Many serious drug crimes and even attempted assaults remain outside these categories.It’s time to repeal these laws and take the handcuffs off our police and judges and put them back on the career criminals.