After 30 Days of an Earful from Concerned Homeowners, Hochul ‘Shrugs Off’ Assault on Suburbs

A Statement by Assemblyman Ed Ra, Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Ways and Means, on Gov. Hochul’s 30-Day Budget Amendments

“The governor has released 30-day amendments that make no substantive changes to her Executive Budget proposal released last month. While I am not surprised by the failure to change the ill-conceived housing proposal, I am nevertheless disheartened by her failure to recognize the clear flaws in that proposal that would be catastrophic for the suburbs.

“The true “housing crisis” we have in New York isn’t lack of housing; it’s millions of New Yorkers struggling to afford what they have. Lowering taxes would have been a good start in these amendments.

“Further, the governor has chosen to double down on proposed cuts that will deeply impact some of New York’s most vulnerable residents. To include a $2 million cut in funding for 4201 schools that serve students with low incidence disabilities and a $22 million cut in HPNAP funding that helps New York’s food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters to assist people in need shows such disregard for the incredible need vulnerable populations have during these incredibly challenging times.

“I’m most disappointed with the lack of appreciation these amendments show toward the millions of New Yorkers who expect their state government to be responsive to: combating record inflation and meaningfully addressing historic crime levels.”