Ra Calls for Special Legislative Session to Address Disastrous Migrant Crisis

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) joined his Assembly Minority colleagues last week in calling for a special session to address the intensifying migrant crisis that has seen more than 100,000 migrants arrive in our state over the past year. Communities across the state are feeling the impacts, and the repercussions on state and local finances and resources are severe.

“Our urgent call for this special session is a consequence of inaction by our state leaders and passivity of the federal government,” Ra said. “My colleagues and I have introduced proposals that will alleviate undue pressure on our education and court systems, housing industry and capabilities of community service providers. We have proposals that will address growing public safety concerns, as well as Mayor Adams’ inflating costs for migrant shelters and services, which he now estimates to reach $12 billion.”

“We have been asking and advocating for these actions for several months—it’s time to address the migrant issue head-on. An extraordinary session must be convened to compensate for the lack of action by Majority leadership in Albany and Washington and take steps to implement long-delayed solutions. The Minority Conference proposes legislation that will:

  • require the state comptroller to examine and audit all state and federal funds received and appropriated for humanitarian aid in New York City or any municipality (A.7508, Ra);
  • require New York state to register all migrants in order to assist with background checks and monitoring refugees seeking asylum in the state (A.7319-A, Slater);
  • protect counties and municipalities from “Right to Shelter” confusion by requiring local governing bodies in New York state to opt-in to accept migrants from other jurisdictions;
  • ensure funding is not used to shelter migrants in schools, daycare centers or community-based organizations;
  • reverse the Executive Order of 2017 that prohibits law enforcement from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration law. This would end New York’s status as an illegal immigration sanctuary; and
  • adopt a resolution calling on the federal government to provide financial assistance to the state and properly address the border crisis it created.”