Ra Applauds Comptroller's New Tool for Transparency in Asylum Seeker Spending

A Statement by Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) on Comptroller DiNapoli’s introduction of a new online tool to monitor emergency spending for asylum seekers.

“New York is grappling with substantial financial burdens as we continue to provide aid to the more than 130,600 migrants in New York. One of the biggest questions surrounding this crisis has been: where is Mayor Adams’ projected $12 billion price tag going?

“In May, I announced legislation designed to ensure accountability and transparency in the distribution of state and federal funding related to the migrant crisis. The announcement today of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s new online tool to track state and city spending related to asylum seekers is critical in providing transparency. This undertaking is a hopeful first step in providing oversight of exactly where our tax dollars will be spent and aligns with my proposal to mandate the governor to report, and the state comptroller to audit, the spending of funds for migrant humanitarian aid.”