Ra Responds To MTA’s Shocking $15 Toll Proposal

A Statement by Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) in Response to MTA’s Congestion Pricing Advisory Panel Recommendations

“Today’s proposal from the MTA’s congestion pricing advisory panel is deeply concerning for commuters and New Yorkers already facing financial hardships. Implementing this proposal will add hundreds of dollars in monthly costs for hardworking middle class commuters. 

While the aim of reducing traffic congestion and addressing environmental concerns is commendable, the proposed tolls fail to consider the financial strain on everyday commuters, particularly during a time when many are already grappling with economic challenges.

Adding insult to injury, the surcharges on taxis and for-hire vehicles will hammer down on drivers who are already battling in an unforgiving industry landscape.

I urge the MTA Board to reconsider these recommendations and work on an approach that prioritizes accessibility without mercilessly emptying the pockets of those already struggling.”