Ra: New York is in a State of Disarray

A Statement by Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) on the Governor’s State of the State Address Today at the New York State Capitol.

“The governor’s proposed solutions to get our state back on track amount to mere bandages for the profound wounds our state is grappling with. New Yorkers are suffering—small businesses are closing, taxpayers are fleeing and New Yorkers are concerned for their safety. We must combat out-of-control crime and retail theft, we must address the mental health crisis and push to solve the drug epidemic and we must safeguard local control, ensuring communities retain their voice in decision-making processes.

With a staggering $4 billion deficit, responsible spending and resource allocation is a leading concern, as is keeping New Yorkers in our state. We need to be smart with our money while creating a place that people want to stay in, raise their families and call home.”