Ra: Divestment Act Strengthens Global Security

Assemblyman Ed Ra (21st Assembly District) recently responded to his vote in support of legislation that would ensure New York does not invest taxpayer dollars in companies that could enhance Iran’s energy sector and promote its nuclear weapons program.

“At both the federal and state levels, lawmakers have a responsibility to prevent public funds from being invested in Iran’s dangerous energy sector and nuclear weapons program,” said Ra. “Iran is a nation that continues to threaten America’s interests in the Gulf and the very existence of the state of Israel. Iran and its terrorist sponsored groups continue in their quest to build nuclear arsenals which threaten the United States and our strong ally Israel. I applaud my colleagues for joining me in passing this critical legislation and for standing together to condemn terrorist-sponsored governments like Iran.”

Known as the Iran Divestment Act of 2012, this legislation would require the Office of General Services to develop a list of companies that invest over $20 million in Iran’s energy sector. New York State would then cut ties with these companies that pad Iran’s energy sector.